The long interview with Sakura Miyawaki of IZ*ONE! Messages for each member and her thoughts!




Twelve girls from Korea and Japan were chosen to form a global group called IZ*ONE by the audition program in Korea. When Sakura Miyawaki participated in the audition channel while already being active and popular in Japan, all in media was surprised, but what was more surprising was how she got better in her performance every time she came back and polished her beauty more and more! We asked her to honestly talk about how much she has made her effort for the past 2 and a half years and what she wants to tell the members and WIZ*ONE.

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Looking back at the performances and activities of IZ*ONE

Favorite costume and makeup
I liked my previous pink hair in ‘Panorama, and my fans loved it too. In fact, since last year, I was implying to the members that I wanted to dye my hair pink for this song, so everyone tried not to have the same hairstyle. lol
My favorite costume is the sparkling costume with ornaments which I wore in the coverage of Scene#3.
The concept of cute, pretty and elegance of the costume matched the image of IZ*ONE very well. Personally, I was so happy to wear the belt by Dolce&Gabbana!

IZ*ONE 4th Mini Album『‘One-reeler’ / Act IV』Concept photo Scene #3「Stay Bold」

A song/scene I thought was so cool
I have been working so hard that I can only remember what we did recently, but I thought it was cool when I danced and sung ‘이제 같이 날아가’ with Won Young in Panorama. (laughed shyly) We have dances that we face each other in the other songs too, but it was so meaningful that two of us dance this phrase in our last song. I especially like the part where we walk together all aligned.

A memorable stage
Korean music shows have Jigkaem (Direct camera that films individual angle).
Our come-back stage ‘FIESTA was called legendary Jigkaem by our fans! Actually, at that time my facial condition was so perfect that I can call it the BEST in my history. Lol Maybe having long hair for the first time since I became a part of IZ*ONE was also good?
We all tried the hardest because it was a meaningful come-back to the group after a while.

IZ*ONE 1st Full Album『BLOOM*IZ』

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Maintenance during IZ*ONE activity

How to maintain your condition during hard schedules
Looking back, I wonder how I could maintain my condition because of the duration of our come-back. So, whenever I had time to sleep such as waiting time, I slept with everyone on the mattress and tried to rest as much as I could because my body clock was messed up and I didn’t even know what time to go to bed. Besides, I only did my diet before the duration of the come-back because if I dont eat enough, my stamina doesnt last for long.

Challenges for new looks
I always wanted to ‘show a new side of myself every time a new song is released’.
At first, I had to change my hair style based on the company’s intention, but recently they listened more to my opinions, and I could freely change it however I wanted to, so I was always looking for something different from other members and new styles that I’d never done.

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Looking back IZ*ONE

What kind of group was it?
The strongest group!
When I watched back music channels that we performed and looked at the group objectively, I thought ‘wow, we are strong. Our performance is amazing and there are only cute girls, right? Lol However, while I was still active in the group, I couldnt think that way because all I thought of was I should be better and higher up than my previous self!. Only because I can look at the group objectively now, I realize that this group was amazing and its like a miracle that I was a part of IZ*ONE, and it was a real blessing!

Things she wanted to try as IZ*ONE
When I unit in the group, I always had to be a part of cool songs, so I wanted be able to participate in cute songs as well! There were two-unit songs called ‘SO CURIOUS’ and ‘AYAYAYA’ at the first concert, and I was a member of ‘AYAYAYA’. After that, three members were added on cute unit song ‘SO CURIOUS’ but I wasn’t picked up to join them again.
I wanted to be prepared to join them and stared at them all the time, so I memorized their dance perfectly, but it didn’t come true. lol

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Messages for members in IZ*ONE

>> Kwon, Eun B
I can imagine how tough it was to lead 12 girls as a leader in the group.
Although I tried to be supportive as the second sister from the top when I could, I wasn’t mature enough and probably made you pressured even more, didnt I? I appreciate you for working as a leader for 2 and a half years. Thank you

>> Kang, Hye Won
You are just like a friend to me. We often play games together, and you always ask me suddenly to ‘Come out at ●pm. I want to make you eat something really good!’ lol
You helped me so much by being a close friend to me. Call me whenever you find something delicious from now too!

>> Choi, Ye Na
I feel like you motivated the group by having evolved your performance dramatically. Your outstanding skill in the group was like a spice to us, and it was so cool! I think you were born a performer. I love how you think of your gesture, so if you happen to choreograph, I would like to see the dance in the future.

>> Lee, Chae Yeon
It’s only been 3 years since we met in the audition, but were so getting along with each other that I feel like we have been together longer than that Even if we live apart or get married in the future, Im sure we will stay in touch. You are my very precious friend.

>> Kim, Chae Won
Thank you for leading IZ*ONE by your cute voice! Your performance was so amazing that I learned a lot when we practiced.  I haven’t told you directly yet, but as a matter of fact, I was watching you the whole time. lol

>> Kim, Min Ju
Why are you so beautiful? I was amazed by your beauty every single day although we have stayed together for 2 and half years! You are really beautiful inside out! I would like to support as one of your fans no matter what way you choose to live.

>> Yabuki, Nako
You are just like my real sister because I’ve known you since you were 11!
You stayed on my side every time I was upset and I did the same with you. I really want to say thank you so much! I wish you all the best in all you do !

>> Honda, Hitomi
We have never really talked before we joined members of IZ*ONE, but we truly became like real sisters along with Nako. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me whenever and rely on me as your big sister from now on too!

>> Jo, Yu Ri
I really love your song ‘SOMEDAY’♡ I listen to the song every time when I’m feeling down or want someone to cheer me up. I would like you to keep singing and continue to send your positive energy to many people. I also want to keep listening to songs you make.

>> An, Yu Jin
You are also a born performer! You are good not only at dancing,singing and performing, but you’re talking skills always amaze me! While we stay together as IZ*ONE, you have transformed from a girl to a woman, and I couldn’t stop looking at you because you became more beautiful day by day……♡

>> Jang, Won Young
It must have been really hard for you to perform as a center although you were the youngest in IZ*ONE. Because of your existence, everyone could stay intense as the group. Thank you so much for doing the best you could do!

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They are the strongest group that covered all elements of coolness, cuteness, and energetic performances; and more than anything, enjoyed being together as a group of 12.
IZ*ONE gave us happiness and excitements which will last forever.
We want to tell Sakura Miyawaki as IZ*ONE ‘Thank you’ and ‘Good job’, sending cheers to their future and feeling nostalgia.

Photos:ARANG O(STUDIO 5A) Hair:Yonghan Kim(ALUU) Make-up:Haemin Kim, Junghee Jo(ALUU) Styling:Hwajeong Song(pinproject) Text:Noriko Yoshii Coordinator:Shinhae Song (TANO International)